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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Salesout Ltd ("SO") is committed to dealing with personal data in the spirit of the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act").

SO as Processor: SO acts as a data processor on behalf of the Client. The Client is the data controller.

Where SO receives or otherwise processes personal data within the meaning of the Act, SO will only process that data to the extent needed in order to provide a reporting service to the client. SO will not use personal data obtained in the course of providing the reporting service for any other purpose and will not release it, in whole or in part, to any third parties unless obliged to do so by law. The SO service may make use of cookies. We use cookies for following purposes: To ensure we are publishing content customers need and want To make the site easier for you to use by not making you enter your personal info more than once.

To help us create and deliver content most relevant to you. Upon accesing the your data we may track individuals\' use of the site. When someone enters the secure client area of the site, a session is created and we may record use of the site by an indiviadual.

SO as Controller: In certain circumstances, SO will obtain and store personal data for its own purposes. In those cases, SO will act as data controller. SO may request and store name, address and other contact details. Such information will be used by SO for its own and designated partners administrative and marketing purposes. The SO service may make use of cookies. Cookies may be sent in order to track the emails handled by SO. The information received by SO from the cookies is used to detect when emails have been forwarded to other users.


Where there are links from the SO website to other websites, SO emphasises that it has no control over these sites, their content or the way in which they collect or use personal data. SO therefore strongly advises users to check the privacy policy of any site it visits. Please note that by applying to make use of the reporting services offered by SO, the user is taken as demonstrating their consent to SO collecting, holding and using the data referred to above. This consent however only extends to the uses as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Any user wishing to enquire about the personal data stored by SO about themselves should contact The Data Protection Officer in writing at the address supplied below.

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